The Rocking Horse Pub has been established for many years. It was built in 1972 as a residence. Arthur and Ada Knight changed it during 1977 from a home into the Rocking Horse Inn. Dinner was served from 5 PM to 7:30 PM, and it was closed on Sundays. The addition was added in 1994. The”Pub” has seen many changes. Several different owners have tried their different ideas. Dances, rodeos and an array of different bands have uses the stage.

The property now stands at 5 acres. It has a workshop, barn and the 110 seat pub. The garden is used the spring, summer and fall. During winter, it is nice to warm up by our river-rock wood fireplaces. The barn has been used for animals and even a music studio at one time. It now houses a riding school, a couple of goats and a turkey. The llamas keep the top pasture down. We have three new Alpacas and two Llamas to add to our family.

Currently, the pub is owned by David and Karin Willoughby. They live on site with Luise, their daughter, and their grandson Liam. They took the pub over in 2004 from its run down state. During their ownership, they have dusted it off and added many different upgrades. They now run it as a destination English Pub. Through-out the year many events take place. Live entertainment can be seen on several different occasions. Community clubs and fundraisers also work with the owners to raise funds.

The pub is open year round. Reservations can be made in advance. We also take large group reservations for lunch, dinner, meetings and are willing to work with you on any other events. Enjoy your visit to “The Rocking Horse Pub”.